Product code : NS/56B

The model has been developed according to the anatomical structure of an adult female for nursing care training. It is made of special plastic.

Width: Cm.
Height: Cm.
Depth: Cm.
Weight: ,00 Kg.
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  • Special Plastic Special Plastic


Length: 155 cm Width: 45 cm Height: 22 Weight: 16.5 kg


  1. The lungs and stomach structures of the chest cavity are present.
  2. Hair, face, eyes and ears, eye and ear drops can be done.
  3. Oral cavity and artificial teeth care can be done.
  4. Waist, neck, arm and leg joints are movable.
  5. Bed bathing, changing clothes can be done.
  6. Airway management: It includes structures such as the oral cavity, tongue, teeth, gums, glottis, trachea, larynx, pharynx and esophagus.
  7. Endotracheal intubation can be applied. When the intubation tube enters the esophagus and air is given, the stomach swells and the stomach alarm will be activated.
  8. Jaw locking simulation can be realized.
  9. Tracheotomy care can be done.
  10. Sputum suction can be done.
  11. Oxygen inhalation can be done.
  12. Feeding is performed through the mouth and nose.
  13. Gastrolavage can be done.
  14. Arm injection and blood transfusion can be applied. Bilateral forearm basilic and cephalic veins and metacarpal veins on the dorsal surface of the hand were simulated.
  15. Arm and hand surface skin and vascular structures can be easily changed.
  16. IM injection can be made to the bilateral deltoid muscle, bilateral vastus lateralis muscle and unilateral right gluteus muscle.
  17. Thoracentesis, abdominocentesis, liver, bone marrow and lumbar puncture can be done.
  18. Enema can be done.
  19. Female - male urethral catheterization can be done.
  20. Female - male bladder irrigation can be done.
  21. Ostomy (colostomy and ileostomy) care can be done.
  22. Perineal care can be done.
  23. Breast care and examination can be done.
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