Product code : CT/78K

The model has been developed to teach rectal examination. The model includes the anatomical structure of the anus, rectum and prostate glands. It looks realistic and includes interchangeable parts. It is made of special plastic.

Width: Cm.
Height: Cm.
Depth: Cm.
Weight: ,00 Kg.
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  • Special Plastic Special Plastic


Length: 36 cm Width: 29 cm Height: 23 cm Weight: 3.04 kg


Prostate and Rectal Palpation:

It contains 4 different modules with palpable prostate gland size, nodule structure, BPH, bilateral BPH, carcinoma structure. At the same time, structures such as polyps and nodules in the rectum can be palpated in these 4 modules.

Prostate gland examination:

  1. Normal prostate
  2. BPH 1
  3. BPH 2
  4. BPH 3

Rectum examination:

  1. Normal rectum
  2. Rectal polyp
  3. Early-stage rectal cancer
  4. Last stage rectal cancer
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