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Depth: Cm.
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The full-size adult CPR training manikin has been developed for basic life support training. The manikin is made of special plastic in accordance with the anatomical structure. It has elastic chest, neck and face skin. The nipples, xiphoid protrusion, collarbone and general chest rib structure, which are accepted as reference for the correct position in CPR, are evident on the skin. It has a durable structure that allows the applications to be repeated many times on it. The manikin has a tablet which CPR applications can be followed wirelessly via it.



Length: 156 cm Width: 46 cm Height: 23 cm Weight: 11,4 kg



  1. Neck structure and arms of model should be able to be moved from the shoulder part. The lower extremity of the model should be made of flexible sponge material for ease of carrying,
  2. Pupilla observation can be made; It can be set to normal and mydriasis via the tablet.
  3. Carotid pulse can be controlled automatically. In addition, the number of beats can be adjusted.
  4. The manikin has patient sounds such as cough and breathing sounds.
  5. The head and neck position can be given and the airway opening procedure can be applied. Operation accuracy can be checked via the tablet.
  6. Artificial respiration can be administered through the mouth and nose. Realistic chest rise can be observed. Its mouth is suitable for using resuscitator.
  7. There is a valve system that prevents the air given to the manikin from coming back in order to provide hygiene during the training,
  8. While performing artificial respiration insufficient, sufficient, excessive applications and air passage to the stomach can be followed via the tablet. The number of correct and wrong applications is displayed on the tablet.
  9. The manikin has a chest structure that will resist realistically to cardiac massage and heart massage can be performed in realistic values. A steel spring system is used under the chest in order for the manikin to provide this resistance. A collapse in the chest area that may occur due to multiple use can be prevented with the steel spring system.
  10. While performing cardiac massage, insufficient, sufficient, excessive applications and the correct hand position can be followed via the tablet. The number of correct and wrong applications is displayed on the tablet.
  11. The results of the operations can be seen by pressing the results button. The report includes data such as the percentage rate of compression and artificial respiration and operation time.
  12. Facial skin, neck skin and lung air bags can be changed easily.
  13. The manikin can be charged. It works for 4 hours with a fully charged battery.
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