Product code : ET/92

The model has been developed for cardiopulmonary auscultation and palpation training. The model simulates the half size of adult male body. It has a prominent rib structure and elastic breast skin.

Width: Cm.
Height: Cm.
Depth: Cm.
Weight: ,00 Kg.
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 Anatomical Structure: Half Size Adult Male

Length: 76 cm

Width: 43 cm

Height: 27 cm

Weight: 9.4 kg


  • Not easily deformed special plastic
  • Realistic appearance and anatomical structure
  • Cardiopulmonary auscultation and palpation training
  • Special electronic stethoscope for individual study and transferring the sound to the outside via loudspeaker
  • Special lighting system that makes it easy to determine the occultation points.


 52 different types of heart and 31 types of breathing sounds that can be heard from 51 auscultation areas.

  1. Comparison of 27 normal and abnormal lung sounds.
  2. The selected sound can be heard through the stethoscope when the electronic stethoscope is placed in the correct position.
  3. Functions that can be selected from the electronic control unit and with the remote control.
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