Product code : KPS 100
Width: Cm.
Height: Cm.
Depth: Cm.
Weight: ,00 Kg.
Tax Included
  • Special Plastic Special Plastic

It is made of special plastic and is natural in size. It clearly shows unassembled bones on the left side of the human body.

Dimensions: 26 x 50 x 31 cm. Weight: 8,75 kg.

KPS 100/1 Hip bone (os coxae)

KPS 100/3 Sacrum

KPS 100/4 Coccyx

KPS 100/5 Sacrum and coccyxs

KPS 110 Vertabrae (vertebrae)

KPS 110/3 Os hyoideum

KPS 110/22 Ribs (costlae)

KPS 110/ 23 Breastbone (sternum)

KPS 110/24 Cartilaginous ribs with sternum

KPS 110/31 Discus intervertabrales

KPS 120 Scapula

kps-130 Clavicle

kps-130/1 Femur

kps-130/2 Humerus

kps-130 /3 Ulna and radius

kps-130 /4 Tibia and Fibula

kps-130/5 Tibia

kps-130/6 Fibula

kps-130/7 Patella

kps-130/8 Ulna

kps-130/9 Radius

kps-130/10 Foot Bones

kps-130/ 11 Foot Bones

kps-130/20 Hand Bones

kps-130/21 Hand Bones

kps-130/71 Calvaria

kps-130/72 Skull base

kps-130/73 Mandible

kps-130/70 Skull

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